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What You Can Expect When Going For An Abortion

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An abortion is a medical procedure done to terminate a pregnancy. Early surgical abortion clinics can give you the information and medical assistance you need. If you have never had an abortion before, you may not know what to expect and that can be a little scary. To help prepare you for the process, you will want to spend a few minutes reading over the following: Your Initial Appointment

You will schedule an initial appointment, which is not the appointment for the surgical abortion itself. During this initial appointment, you will be given a pregnancy test, possibly receive an ultrasound to help determine how far along the pregnancy is, and you will be given information about the options that are available to you. The staff there will talk with you about why you want an abortion to make sure that you are confident with the choice you are making. They can answer questions that you have and can schedule your next appointment if you do indeed decide to move forward with the abortion. At the end of your appointment, you should be given an instruction sheet, which contains information you need in order to be properly prepared for the next appointment.

During The Appointment

You will be most likely be given a local anesthetic and some pain relief medication at the beginning of your visit. This will help you relax and make the procedure as easy as possible for you. The actual process of the abortion itself may only take about five or ten minutes. You will spend more time preparing for the procedure and resting afterward. 

After The Abortion Appointment

You will most likely be given some pain relief medication in order to help with the cramping that usually happens after the abortion. You will want to plan to stay home for a day or two in order to get some rest. You may also want to make sure that you have some feminine pads on hand, as there might be some bleeding after the procedure is complete. You will also have a paper that explains more about what you should expect and what troubling symptoms you should be on the lookout for and when to call their office should you experience anything abnormal.

Make sure that you are doing as much research as you can and write down a list of questions and concerns as they pop in your head. This way, you will not forget to mention them at your initial appointment.