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What You Should Know About Early Surgical Abortion

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If you are considering an early surgical abortion, you may feel alone. The truth is that you are not. Many people go through early surgical abortions and experience no major side effects. Early surgical abortion is generally a safe procedure.

Of course, you are right to have questions about the procedure or early surgical abortion clinics. Here's what you should know before your surgical appointment.

You Will Receive Pain Management

One of the first things you should know is that you receive anesthesia before the procedure. You will also receive some oral pain medications, which can be useful after the anesthesia wears off as well. During the procedure, you will not feel pain or discomfort.

Your Doctor Will Talk to You First

No matter how certain you are of your decision, your doctor will provide you with some educational information about the procedure. You will also be asked if you are certain that you want to undergo the procedure. You have the right to back out at any point.

At this time, the doctor may also ask you about any birth control options you would like to consider moving forward. For instance, a doctor can prescribe birth control pills or get you set up for an IUD after your abortion procedure.

The Length of Your Appointment Is Based on Your Pregnancy's Length

You should expect the appointment to take several hours, but your appointment may last longer if you are further along in your pregnancy. This is because additional steps may need to be taken for longer pregnancies.

Your Cervix Will Be Dilated

One of the most confusing parts of the process may be the dilation of your cervix. In some cases, the doctor will provide medication to soften the cervix, but in some cases, this is not necessary. In these instances, the doctor will be able to open the cervix as wide as is necessary for a successful procedure.

If you are nervous, you should know that this part of the procedure takes a very short amount of time. In just a few minutes, the procedure will be over. Most of the appointment is completed before you ever even sit on the exam table.

Talk to Your Doctor

Your doctor will provide you with additional information about early surgical abortion. If you still have questions about abortion, it is important and encouraged that you discuss your concerns with them. It's okay to have questions, and it's okay to be unsure until you get medical information.